Ephedra and Ephedrine Getting Hard To Find.

Ephedrene Diet Pills

If you are a user of dietary supplements like Ephedra or the OTC Asthma medicine Ephedrine HCL, you may have noticed that these products are getting harder and harder to find and buy. Since 2004 it has been hard to buy ephedra diet pills because the big pharmaceutical companies wanted to get in to the otc diet pill business, and at that time the most effective product either by otc or prescription was ephedra. Since they could not cut in to the established ephedra diet pill industry because there were already so many players the decided to fund a few congressmen and get a bill passed to ban ephedra. Now despite being used for 5000 years … [Read more...]

Black cohosh is a plant used for dietary supplements

Black cohosh, also known as cimicifuga racemosa, is a perennial fruit growing plant that is native to north America. Known to grow up nine feet tall and the common use of Native american medicines, Black cohosh has been used for hundreds of years. The Black cohosh roots are thought to be a source of great amounts of active ingredients. For this very reason it is the root of this plant that is found inside of dietary supplements. Alike most plants the Black cohosh contains a large amount of organic compounds containing biological activity. Triterpene glycosides, a complex biological molecule have been known to lower cytokine. Squaw … [Read more...]

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And we heard that you were looking for legal ephedra supplement? For people who were looking/waiting for the best and legal weight loss supplement, Foundation Neutriceuticals has emerged with one of the most potent supplement called HIGH OCTANE EPHEDRA SINICA. What’s Special in High Octane Ephedra Sinica? The proprietary blend in High Octane Ephedra Sinica has 733mg of powerful fat burner and diet aid ingredients ready to kick start the metabolism in burning more calories. Foundation Neutriceuticals: All foundation neutriceuticals supplement are followed and manufactured according to GMP i.e. Good Manufacturing Practice … [Read more...]

Biotin is a b-class vitamin which helps the body’s metabolism

Biotin is a member of a b-class family of vitamins, specifically it is a water-soluble vitamin. Naturally it is produced by the intestines in small amounts, however it is not documented if the measurements play roles in the immune function. In fact Biotin was once labeled as Vitamin H. You can acquire biotin in a large variety of foods. Those include, vegetables (specifically spinach and potatoes), mushroom, peanuts, egg yolks, rice, beef, and poultry. The b-class vitamin family plays a crucial role in the body's metabolism for proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Because of this process biotin has a important role in the Kreb energy … [Read more...]

Arachidonic acid is a supplement for stimulating muscle growth

Arachidonic acid is an acid which is considered to be in the Omega-6 group. It is responsible for sending the signals for adaptive changes in case of muscle damage. They are stored inside the cell membrane. The performance enhancing scientist, William Llewellyn is the one responsible for developing and patenting arachidonic acid supplementation protocols used for stimulating muscle growth. It is the primary building block of the synthesis of dienolic prostaglandins. That includes both of the PGE2 and PGF2. They are prostaglandins which are involved with proteins synthesis as well as muscle hypertrophy. The two things that will occur after … [Read more...]

Caffeine, Green Tea Leaf Extract, Raspberry Ketone, and Everything You Need to Lose Weight Present in One Supplement- Ephedrene

Ephedrene Diet Pills

It’s time to get some possible smart weight loss solution. If you are looking for something natural yet powerful and smart, something that can work step by step to tackle each and every corner of the increased fat, something that can tackle every single factor that leads to increased weight and fats in the body, then you are on the right path here. Live Lean Today has come up with a brilliant and smart weight loss supplement, Ephedrene. How’s the supplement smart then, how it may help in weight loss smartly? Ephedrene is probably the next generation smart supplement that may tackle not only one or two elements supporting … [Read more...]

What are antioxidants?

Antioxidants refer to the compounds which fight free radicals. Free radicals are groups of simple atoms that contain an odd number of electrons and form when certain molecules interact with oxygen. When this happens and a cluster of free radicals form, they go though a chain reaction and take over the immune system as well as other physiological functions. This has a very negative effect on the body. There are multiple groups and several substances on the category of being antioxidant. The most common are beta carotene, , and vitamin C. There are also a number of minerals that can take the role of antioxidants, such as zinc, copper, … [Read more...]

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Ephedrene Diet Pills

IT's TIME! Time for Ephedrene in its the most powerful form! Ephedrene is new technology that goes more than one step beyond it goes 8 stages. Ephedrene allows you to experience the highest level of weight loss. Ephedrene has been impossible to get until now. As a licensed seller of Ephedrene, you can once again buy effective weight loss pills online. Ephedrene's 8 Stages. Super Energy Stage 1 Maximize metabolic functioning for greater calorie burning Super Fat Metabolism Stage 2 Increase amounts of calories burning as fat Super Appetite Control Stage 3 Support appetite control and fight cravings Super Weight … [Read more...]

General Information Regarding ALA

It was in the 1950's that scientists discovered alpha-lipoic's importance, however in 1988 they finally recognized it as an antioxidant. In order to produce energy the body needs alpha-lipoic, because it plays a crucial role in energy producing cell structures. Their is enough alpha-lipoic made by the body for this basic function. It acts as an antioxidant, but only if there is excess amounts alpha-lipoic in the 'free' state of the cells. There is only a small portion of free alpha-lipoic acid that courses through your body without taking supplements or injections. Alpha-lipoic acid is a multitalented antioxidant; it helps inactivate an … [Read more...]


The probiotic acidophilus is a sector of beneficial bacteria stationed inside the lactobacilli. L. acidophilus is present at birth and will eventually conjoin with the bacteria L. bifidus; both of which are analytical to the proper function of ones intestines and general health. There are over 400 different species located inside the digestive track, however L. acidophilus may be the most important. This is believed because this specific bacteria maintains the normal balance of flora. Flora is another "healthy" bacteria which help the human digestive track continue ideal functioning. In addition playing an crucial role in aiding the immune … [Read more...]