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After many years of debating it, doing research, watching the legislation concerning, both state and federal. After using the products safely and responsibly ourselves, Live Lean Today has decided to start selling Kratom products on their website. We have always know not to believe the hype, propaganda, fear mongering, scare tactics, but there was little scientific information, testimonial information, and very little idea of how states and the federal govt were going to treat Kratom. After years of being on the market and centuries of use and our own personal tests it appears that Kratom is going to allowed to be used and sold by … [Read more...]

Vivazen Kratom Shot for $3 Really Works.

vivazen kratom shot

Have you heard of Vivazen? I just found out about this week. Vivazen is the world's first effective herbal relaxation and stress relief shot. Looking to escape from a stressful day? Loaded with nature's most effective medicinal herbs, Vivazen will radically change the way you think about herbal stress and relief. All natural and 100% effective, Vivazen has set a new benchmark for stress relief and relazxation. Vivazen's potent formula is super concentrated, and the pocket sized 2 oz bottle is designed to go with you anywhere. Vivazen delivers nature's most potent combination of stress and relieving herbs in an easy to use 2oz shot. Formulated … [Read more...]

Bronkaid 25mg 60ct Ephedrine for Heavy Mucus Available at Live Lean Today

bronkaid ephedrine

Suffering from Cold & Mucus? Cold and Mucus have wrapped the whole country into its arms. But before jumping onto a sure shot treatment without consulting an expert or physician, we would like you to hold on and scroll down to know about what mucus actually is and what should you do to get rid of from heavy mucus, running nose(from clear fluid to thick mucus), and related symptoms. We said heavy mucus, not just mucus. So what mucus actually is? Mucus actually filters the air we breathe. Oxygen flows into our bloodstream via the lungs. The air we breathe passes firstly through the large and medium sized pipes known as the bronchi and … [Read more...]

Egg protein is a fat free source of protein.

Egg protein is a fat free source of protein. Made of n and currently known to be extremely high in protein due to its make up of essential amino acids, glutamic acids, and branch chain amino acids. When egg protein enters the system, it is completely absorbed by the body. This is why it is recognized as a protein with highest effectiveness. Only eggs naturally contain egg protein. However now there is egg protein powder. Egg protein is very important for ones body because of its high level of P.E.R. (Protein Efficency Ratio) And with surfur-containing amino acids the body receives a boost to the hormone-producing pathways. In … [Read more...]

Bioactive alkaloid extract , a natural occurrence of amino acids from plants, comes from Evodiae Fructus.

Bioactive alkaloid extract , a natural occurrence of amino acids from plants, comes from Evodiae Fructus. Evodiae Fructus is a stimulant which increases the resting body heat and core tempature of the body. Evodiamine, also known as Wu-Chu-Yu has been used herbal specialists in asian countries as a supplement for weight loss. Although it is not followed with any medical studies this technique has been used for centuries. There are no foods available which contain evodiamine. The only available source is supplement form. In terms of what evodiamine does, it will increase the body temp and inhibit the growth of certain types of cancer … [Read more...]

Also known as angelica, dong quai is a plant which grows natively in China

Also known as angelica, dong quai is a plant which grows natively in China, Korea, Japan. It has been used during the past centuries in Asian civilizations as an herbal medicine. The dong quai also goes by the names of willow older, Sovereign herb, Female ginseng, empress of the herbs. Dong quai is used mainly for its ability to aid in loosing weight. Inside dong quai one can find vitamin E and B12. Both of which are beneficial in their own individual regards. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant and B12 help the body digest fat and carbohydrates. It is also used commonly as an anti-microbial which helps stimulate the immune system … [Read more...]

Chromium is an essential part of diet and aids in weight loss and muscle build

The bodies production of insulin needs aid from the trace mineral chromium, and the insulin hormone helps he levels of blood sugar become sable. Yeast is the best source of chromium, however other foods like buckwheat, corn on the cob, beets, apples, tomatoes, and sweet potatoes are others which contain chromium. One can also take supplements for chromium. Chromium is recognized as an essential part of the everyday diet, and it can have several benefits when taken as a supplement. It maintains blood sugar levels and aids blood circulation with it enhance of insulin and glucose. Burning fat building muscle and gaining energy is both … [Read more...]

Boron is a supplement for aid with increasing alertness and developing healthy bone growth

In order for proper metabolism of phosphorus, calcium, and magnesium boron is required. It aid in the functioning of our brains as well as increasing alertness and strengthening bones. Supplementing boron for bone growth is a very important aspect for older people. It can also help build up muscle. The natural foods that contain the best sources of boron are raisins, nuts, prunes. Foods like fruits, vegetables, and legumes. However the amount of boron vary depending in it levels found in the soil where the food has been grown. Boron can provide benefits like increasing ones alertness and aid in forming healthy bones. It has also been … [Read more...]

Chlorella is a small algae rich in catenoids

Chlorella vulgarism is a single cell algae that can be found in the freshwaters of Japan and Taiwain. It can also be found inside spinach or other dark leafy foods. It is considered a whole food bacuse it is rich in catenoids which include flavoxanthin, loraxanthin, violaxanthin, astaxanthin and canthaxanthin. It also contains enzyms like protein, pepsin, and chlorophyll. In fact it contains the highest content of chlorophyll of any other plants in the world. Due to the high amount of chlorophyll, chlorella has many beneficial effects toward the immune system. It has been proven that chlorophyll helps to improve and strengthen the immune … [Read more...]

Deer antler velvet is a source of glucosamine and aids joint health

The phrase 'Deer antler velvet' is used to describe fuzzy antler velvet which is harvested from the antlers of male moose, elk, and caribou growing in adult hood. And thankfully no harm is done to the animals. Deer antlers contain zinc, calcium, magnesium, and a wide variety of amino acids. Most of the product sold is distributed on the market day, due to the fact the product arrives from Korea or Australia. It has also been used in China for over two centuries. Antler velvet is a source of chondroitin, collagen, and glucosamine. The body uses the glucosamine that is found in antler velvet for manufacturing glycosaminoglycans. … [Read more...]