Quick Weight Loss Tip #1

We all want quick weight loss. At Live Lean Today, we are offering quick weight loss tips that can support you in reaching your weight loss goals.  Our goal is to offer real world tips and advice that work without the smoke and mirrors of many fad diets.  It is important to think of every weight loss tip as taking small steps that create a positive lifestyle to losing weight and keeping it off.

quick weight loss tip

Quick Weight Loss Tip #1

Quick Weight Loss Tip – Stop Drinking

Though we can’t stop drinking all liquids all together what if we only drink water, black coffee, or herbal tea.  Most people don’t realize how many extra calories they consume through coffee drinks at Starbucks, sodas, and even juices.  Orange juice may have nutritional value from vitamin and minerals though the sugar in orange juice works the same in body as a bottle of soda.  Most people will lose quick weight loss just by stop drinking tons of calories and eat the orange instead of orange juice.

As it relates to alcohol I understand that you are not ready to give up cold turkey instead switch to darker beers.  I know you are thinking they have more calories than a lite beer though you won’t drink as many.  It is the total consumption of alcohol that has tons of calories than just having one.  Many people can drink 6 lite beers though would only have 1 dark beer which is less calories.

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