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Everyone remembers Ephedra based diet pills from the past, one like Metabolife 356, Xenadrine, Trimspa, Hydroxytrol, Ripped Fuel, Diet Fuel, and many others. I read posts and forums with the writers looking for the original but complaining that the new versions of ephedra diet pills do not work as well for them. Diet pills with ephedra still work. These new versions contain real ephedra the only difference is that the ephedra has not been adulterated to comply with FDA rulings on ephedra. Live Lean backs this statement up with a money back guarantee. If your not satisfied that these ephedra diet pills work you can get your money back.

Real ephedra is put in to the products it is safer than before because 2-3 people reported having adverse reactions to ephedra in the past. In reality 2-3 people out of millions of ephedra users is nothing, but politicians and govt. agencies have to act like they are protecting the public and ephedra was easy to pick on. Plus it cleared the way for the first FDA approved diet pill. The FDA receives money for testing and approving products for the market so you can see why they would want to help remove an effective product like ephedra from the market. It can’t be put any more plainly, simply, or honestly than that. The fact that you’re here looking for Ephedra Ma Huang 25mg diet and energy products means that you’ve decided to stop wasting your time with products that are all hype, and have decided to invest in weight loss pills with ephedra, like High Octane Ephedra, Lipodrene, Green Stinger, Yellow Bullets, and ECA Extreme Stack. These are best sellers for a reason: they contain 25mg  or more of pure ephedra derived from Ma Huang.

One reason that you may see people complain about the new ephedra diet pills is that is has been 10 years or more since they used them. Now they are heavier, older and have a slower metabolism. This does effect how well a product may work. You may need to up your dosage, actually decrease your food and calorie intake, and god forbid get a little exercise. In most cases these ephedra diet pills are even stronger than they were in the past as these new products have added or increased other fat burning, energy increasing, and thermogenic ingredients. Ingredients such as DMAA, synephrine, caffeine, bioporine, Acai Berry, Hoodia extract, and many more.

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