Buy Original Xenadrine Ephedrine and Xenadrine RF1 with Ephedra

Many people are still looking for the original Xenadrine ephedrine and Xenadrine RF1 with ephedra.  Both of these products are no longer made though that doesn’t mean you can’t still get the same high quality energy from similar products.

xenadrine rfa1

Xenadrine Ephedrine

What made Xenadrine ephedrine popular was the combination of ephedrine and caffeine.  As the production of ephedrine became more regulated many of the manufacturers stopped making it.  Live Lean Today is one of the only certified retailers of ephedrine.

Live Lean Today offers legal ephedrine and has created an ECA stack similar to Xendarine ephedrine that includes ephedrine, caffeine, and aspirin in the form of white willow bark.

Xenadrine RF1 with ephedra was a similar product though instead of ephedrine it has ephedra.  Research has shown a synergistic increase in effect from the combination of ephedra, caffeine, and aspirin.

Megadrine Rf-1 is a suitable replacement to Xenadrine RF1 which includes the ECA stack with ephedra plus other key ingredients like green tea extract and yohimbe.  One other key ingredient is l-carnitine which is an amino acid that supports your body in release fat to be used as energy by your metabolism.

Superdrine is another ephedra diet pill that compares to the original Xenadrine RF-1 that consists of the legal ephedra extract.  Ephedra extract is the legal form of ephedra that utilizes the entire ephedra plant making it an unadulterated weight loss supplement.

Though Xenadrine ephedrine and Xendadrine RF1 are gone that doesn’t mean you still can’t get the same great benefits.

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Hi Bryan,  I know first hand that the Xenadrine was amazing.  I have high blood pressure and I noticed you do not recommend using ephedrine products if you have high blood pressure.  What can you recommend for me that will really work for me.


you can thank this Bullshit to the stupid FDA the funny thing is you people dont give a  shit about what you look like how Fat you get any of you will all be in favor of getting that Marijuana Trash that  filth people smoke Legalized but when it comes to somthin that can help out another Humanbien who needs help to feel better about themselves an look better then it gets Pulled theres more of us then there are people working for the FDA we as people out number them you all need to wake up an smell the coffee an fight this Ban or just give up on yourselves an continue to live your day to day Lives 


Hi Bryan, I was faithful Xenadrine user and since then ban I haven't had any success with any other product and I've tried them all. I've recently gain 20 pounds and I can't get it off. When I use to take Xenadrina RF1 the weight would just fall off over night. Do you have any recommendation for me by the way I live in California!

liveleantoday moderator

@Cdm0312 due to living in California anything with ephedrine is out as we can't ship to CA.  The two products listed in the post are the most closely the same to the original though if you have tried those with no effort I would recommend something like High Octane 100 which is the strongest fat burner we got or Green Stinger which has highest concentration of all of the best weight loss ingredients in one bottle.