Never Gain a Pound Learn to Eat Whatever You Want

Do you ever look at thin people with envy? Maybe you have a friend who you sometimes go out for a meal with who seems to be able to eat whatever they like and still stay really slim.

never gain a poundSo what’s the secret? These people just have a fast metabolism that’s able to cope with the amount of food they eat. But don’t despair. A fast metabolism isn’t something that’s reserved for only a select few. It’s possible for anyone to get the same results.

The key to increasing your metabolic rate is to spread your food intake out more evenly throughout the day and increase the amount of exercise you do. Rather than eating the traditional three large meals a day, you should change your eating habits so that you have five small meals each day.

When you eat three meals, you use up all the energy provided by one meal before the next one is due. As part of the digestion process, the glucose that enters your bloodstream is broken down by insulin. Immediately after a meal your blood sugar levels are high, but after the insulin has done its job your sugar level will be low until you eat again. This causes your blood sugar level to go through a series of peaks and troughs throughout the day and leaves your body depleted of energy.

If you only eat three meals, by the time you’re due for your next meal your blood sugar is so low that your body is getting desperate for more fuel and you’re really hungry. This can cause you to eat more than you really need to. Your body then gets overwhelmed by the volume of food and can’t process it all effectively, so much of it gets stored as fat.

By eating five small, nutritious meals during the day your energy stores will be replenished before you get to the point of being overly hungry. Your blood sugar won’t go through high and low phases all day because you’ll be eating again before it’s had the chance to drop too far. Your metabolic rate will be sustained at a relatively even level right through the day. Your body will come to learn that there is always a good supply of fuel so it will burn more calories and also utilize some of your fat stores as energy.

If you also increase the amount of exercise you do, your metabolism will increase more and your body will burn even more fat. Then one day maybe you’ll be the one that others are envious of because you’ll be able to eat all day and never gain weight.

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