Ephedra Guide and Review

Ephedra is one of the most successful and misunderstood weight loss diet ingredient ever.  Ephedra has been rumored to be linked to negative side effects, and there are those who swear by the metabolism boosting effects.  So, what is the real answers to Ephedra or Ma Huang?

Live Lean Today offers a series of articles, guides, and reviews on the topic of Ephedra.  Our goal is to let you make the decision on what is best for you to support your weight loss goals.

Understand what the ban on Ephedra did, and what are the legal ephedra products.

superdrineEphedra Reviews and Guides

Fat Loss Supplement Guide – this guide to fat burner diet pills includes ephedra.  Find the legal ephedra products.

New Fat Loss Technology – this is a review to a brand new thermogenic to offer a option for those looking for ephedra free fat loss.

Legal Ephedra Products – Ephedra Extract – a guide to the new ephedra products that use ephedra extract.  Understand how much of the ephedra herb remains for weight loss success.

Ephedra Plus Caffeine the Ultimate Weight Loss Combination – review on the synergistic relationship between caffeine and ephedra.

How Ephedra and Caffeine Works – a research review on the merchanisms that make caffeine and ephedra one of the most powerful fat loss blends

Know What is in Your Ephedra Free Diet Pills – making products have come claiming they are just as strong as ephedra.  This is a review of the ingredients that make up the ephedra free category

Ephedra Real Weight Loss Results –  reviews of research that have looked into the weight loss results of ephedra.

Ephedra Conspiracy – look into why ephedra was banned and if ephedra really is dangerous.

Legalized Ephedra Diet Products – a review of the top products now available that are 100% ephedra and legal..

Difference between Ephedra and Ephedrine – know what the difference between the two forms of the ephedra herb

How Ephedra Supports Weight Loss – review of the mechanism that makes ephedra the best weight loss herb

Is Ephedra Back on the Market – a look into what ephedra products are now legal

Ephedra Pros – the positive weight loss benefits of ephedra herbs

Benefits of Ephedra – find out what are the positive benefits of taking an ephedra herb based product

Ephedra P57 – the ingredient that is effective for weight loss

Facts About Ephedra – learn the truth about ephedra as a weight loss herb and does it have negative side effects

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