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Live Lean Today is a complete health and fitness experience.  Come see how a professional staff of personal trainers and registered dieticians can help you reach your weight loss and fitness goals.  It’s the exceptional service that sets Live apart from other online programs.  Have a custom program built for you complete with a meal plan and the important components of accountability and support offered by our professional staff.   Experience our 1 week trial period and see for yourself.  Take the 7 Day Free Trial .

Our Personal Training staff is available to give you one on one support through an online chat service where you can talk live with your personal trainer daily.  Specific program needs, proper progression and accountability will help to create a recipe for success.
A Registered Dietician will be a part of your team as well.  With their help, you can monitor calories, nutrients, and make healthy food choices for your diet.  Learn how to eat healthy and create long term eating solutions that work.
Through the LIVE chat service you can instantly talk with your Personal Trainer and Dietician.  Get tips daily, ask questions about workouts and gain encouragement during those tough times.

Your My Account page is where you will find access to your every need.  Manage your program through the workout page, cardio page and meal plan.  Access your trainer and dietician in the online chat room as well. An initial evaluation will  provide you with a starting point and from there, your trainer will guide you on the road to success.

Your fitness plan provides every necessary componenet of a complete program.  Learn heart rate based cardiovascular training with a heart rate monitor.  BUild a solid foundation of balance, stability, flexibility and core strength so you can reach fitness levels you never thought possible.

Every exercise comes complete with instructional photos, video, audio and has the capability to download into an IPOD so you can take your workouts anywhere.

The diet plan created by your dietician will allow you to make choices that are within a calorie range that is right for your specfic needs.  Find online recipes for your favorite healthy meals and learn how to speed up your metabolism while eating a variety of healthy and delicious meals.

A weekly menu is generated  and a grocery list is prepared for you to print and take to the store.  Take the guesswork out of preparing weekly menus for the family.  Have choices and stay honest as LIVE’s Dietician prepared meal plan is meant for long term lifestyle change.

Build a team around you and live healthy.  There is no substitute for a team to give you support, eduation, guidance and accountability to stay with it.  It’s time to start living your life.

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