The Supermarket Diet Summary and Review

 Good Housekeeping Magazine has been providing information about health and nutrition for years, and the book, The Supermarket Diet, continues to provide clear cut advice from a nutritional consultant and Good Housekeeing writer that touches on topics such as grocery shopping and how to make healthy choices to bring home. The author, Janis Jibrin, is a Registered Dietician who has other works including nutritional articles and an educational CD-ROM for family fitness. 

The book discusses the basics of nutrition and gives advice about label reading so they can make better food and ingredient choices when at the grocery store.  Much of this is with the intention of helping the reader to lose weight.  There are 2 plans ranging between 1200 and 15oo calories a day and you choose based on your individual requirements and level of activity.  But the 1200 calorie diet is only recommended for 2 weeks so as not to slow down your metabolism which would stall progress. 

The theme and design of this book is that you don’t need to go to specialty health food stores to find what you need for a healthy eating plan, you just have to learn more about making better choices.  There are recipes included, a message board on the website and a chat section as well. 

The plan targets women who are on the go and juggle a lot during the day.  The recipes are simple and healthy and don’t require investing a lot of time from shopping or cooking.  There is a lot of good advice in this book, but you have to keep in mind that staying on course is the hardest part.  Here you can learn nutrition basics and lifestyle changes for healthy eating behavior.  It is probably not the best solution for those with fitness experience looking to break through a plateau, the information is more of a nutrition basic level.  Remember to consult with your online personal trainer and dietician regarding what is the best course of action for you to get great results.  While these teaching tools provide good guidelines to follow, there is no substitute for the support and accountability of having a coach.

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