Live Healthy

Congratulations! You’ve set a goal to get in shape. For only $6.95 we have the plan for you.

The Live Healthy Plan is our package for people who are ready to get in shape, and aren’t sure where to start. This plan covers the three most important factors in weight loss and conditioning – Exercise, Diet, and Support.

Upon joining, you will be prompted to create your Live Personal Account. This is a password protected area that you will visit to retrieve your weekly fitness and nutrition plans and track your progress. Once you have created your account, you will fill out an online evaluation questionnaire that will be analyzed by our certified personal trainers and dieticians. They will use the information that you provide as a starting point for your fitness and nutrition plans.

Each week, you will receive a new fitness plan designed by the certified personal trainers at Live. The plan will help you train your whole body to help you manage your weight, strengthen and tone your muscles, increase your flexibility, stability and cardiovascular fitness and improve your body’s ability to efficiently use fat as a fuel source.

You will be able to view photos and instructions online that will show you the proper form for doing the exercises that you are assigned. To further aid you in your workouts, you will be able to watch a video of the exercise, print the exercise instructions, and download instructions to your iPod or MP3 player.

Exercise and Nutrition go hand in hand. With the Live Healthy Plan, we will provide you with a diet plan and the resources that you need to understand the fundamentals of feeding your exercising body. Based on your initial online evaluation, we will provide you with a food plan that will help feed your metabolism throughout the day to maintain an optimal caloric burn whether you are exercising, working, watching television, or sleeping.

The Nutrition Plan will provide an outline of the types and amounts of food that you should be eating at each meal.

Using our Menu Planner’s convenient lists, you will choose the foods that you like best to fill out your daily menu. To keep a little variety in your week, we have also provided several recipes for you to choose from. Once you have created your meal plan for the week, a grocery list will be generated for you automatically.

For those of us who want a little extra support, we have created the Live Community. Live’s Message Boards provide the perfect forum for you to talk with peers making the same positive changes that you are, and share strategies and successes.  Additionally, our boards are monitored by our team of certified trainers and registered dieticians who can answer questions that you may have along the way. For those of you who want to get out and enjoy the new you, we are also coordinating Live Events which will include everything from local walk events to international fitness adventures.

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