When you join Live, you will receive a weekly fitness plan that focuses on training your whole body. The plan will combine several elements, Strength, Flexibility, Stability & Balance, Range of Motion, and Cardiovascular Exercise.

Every week your new progressive fitness plan will be updated into your account.  The key to achieving your results is to keep your body challenged at your own level.  Your LIVE online personal trainer will optimize your fitness plan based on your personal interaction.

Strength – Have you ever seen someone at the gym doing seemingly endless reps in a mirror, slouching further and further with each one, trying to keep the boredom from their face? You won’t find that with Live’s Fitness Plans. Our exercise combinations will help you strengthen and tone your target areas and are also designed to help you build strength throughout your entire body while maintaining perfect alignment. For example, your trainer may assign you a squat to overhead press. While the individual parts of the exercise are toning your legs and buttocks and then your arms, the combination of the two help build strength in your abdominals and back, and promote optimal posture throughout the exercise.

Flexibility – Poor flexibility can inhibit our range of motion, produce poor posture and alignment, and limit our athletic capabilities. Stretching is not just a warm up or cool down exercise as many think. It is actually one of the best tools to prevent injuries and everyday aches and pains that we may not even associate with exercise. Having poor flexibility in one area, such as your hips, forces the rest of your body to compensate for the limited range of motion. Yet, you probably won’t feel the pain in your hips. It will more likely present itself in your back, knees or some other area. Increasing your overall flexibility allows your body to move as it is meant to, alleviating those aches and pains and improving your athletic ability.

Balance and Stability – Every day, you use hundreds of muscles in your body without even thinking about it. They are the muscles that help you stand on your toes to reach the top shelf, keep from falling when you trip, recover from a jump shot, and hike over unsteady terrain. Live’s programs are designed to work these muscles, increasing your athletic edge, helping to prevent falls and injury, and simply providing greater balance and stability in your everyday movements.

Range of Motion – Have you ever noticed that life doesn’t happen in one plane of movement? You walk down the sidewalk and suddenly have to dodge sideways to keep from stepping in something. You’re biking a trail that winds around trees and rocks. Or, your tennis opponent is running you all over the court. The exercises prescribed through Live will help your body keep up with the zigs and zags of everyday life by training you to move in multiple planes as you exercise.

Cardio Workout – We want to provide you with the optimal cardio workout. Too often, we meet clients who have been overtraining. They’re either pushing themselves through strenuous, high-intensity workouts or are spending hours each week walking mile after mile. Our plans focus on optimizing your workout and your metabolism by working with a range of intensities based on your personal fitness level. In fact, by using the feedback from one of our heart rate monitors, our trainers will be able to provide you with your exact cardio recipe to burn calories with maximum efficiency, ending those long, unnecessary hours spent on the treadmill.

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