Nutrition Plans


A better question would be, “What can’t you eat?”

For years, diet plans for losing weight have been centered around restrictions and “taboo” foods. Yet, those of us who have studied the science behind feeding the human body know that there is no such thing as a taboo food, and that drastic calorie restriction will actually keep you from becoming as fit as you can be. You can’t starve your way to better health.

Nutrition and fitness go hand in hand. In order to help you reach your goals, we need to raise your metabolism through a combination of the two – you will exercise to make your body more efficient at burning calories, and at the same time, you have to feed your body enough food, in a way that allows it do that.

Eating 5 Meals a Day

Have you ever heard a thin person say, “I just eat and eat all day long and never gain a pound.” Using the Live Nutrition and Fitness Plans, we’re going to turn you into that person.

Our nutrition plans will show you how to make sure that you’re eating enough calories throughout the day to support your exercising body. The truth is that most people don’t overeat, they under burn. Based on your target caloric intake, we will provide you with a daily meal plan centered around eating 5 balanced meals a day. This will keep your metabolism working efficiently throughout the day and teach your body to burn rather than store your food.

Making it Easy With Live’s Meal Planning Tools, Community Sections and Registered Dieticians

Live’s Meal Planner provides you with easy-to-use drop down lists to create your weekly menu using your favorite foods. You will also have access to Live’s ever-growing list of recipes, providing mouth-watering food combinations to add a little spice to your diet. Once you have created your weekly plan, our shopping list generator will tell you exactly how much food you need to purchase for the week to keep your meal items on hand for fast, easy preparation.

All Live members have access to the Live Community. Using our message boards, you will be able to discuss the meal plan with other members and exchange recipes, strategies and support as you adjust to your new way of eating. Our registered dieticians monitor our boards and will provide insights into your discussions as the progress. Many helpful tips and articles on these subjects have also been provided in the Nutrition Articles section of our site.

Those of you selecting the Live Lean Program will also benefit from daily access to online chats with your Personal Trainer to provide one-on-one support in customizing your meal plans, creating strategies for integrating your body’s nutritional needs with your lifestyle, and helping you incorporate your favorite foods into the plan. If you have additional questions, our staff of Registered Dieticians will also be available via live chat to provide personal assistance.

Join LIVE’s Program and start enjoying the new you.

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